Thanks to a gross misuse of power, our lovely Mayor has implemented a legal(for now) by-law requiring masks to be worn inside of all establishments. We understand that this bylaw is a violation of your human rights and is detrimental to your health, however legally have to uphold it. Note that this by-law specifically restricts the use of face shields (they are illegal now, go figure). We ask that all clients who do not have a medical exemption from the mask by-law wear a mask when on the premises. **Please note that some clients and staff members have medical conditions exempting them from wearing masks.** We ask that all clients are respectful of each others privacy. In an effort to respect your privacy we will never ask you about your exemption. Correct and legal documentation is provided on the door for clients to read prior to entry. 

On-Time Arrival

At Boss Nails we are an appointment based beauty studio. On time arrivals are paramount to the productivity and sanitation in our salon. If you are excessively late or early (10 minutes or more) you will be asked to re-book or come back as necessary. Please wait in your car if you've arrived early or go for a short walk. We appreciate the intimate time during appointments that require our undivided attention. 

No Children or Guests

Due to the intimate nature of some of our services, we have an age restriction in the salon of 16+ and 18+ for intimate waxing. With this we ask that you leave your children safe at home while your services are being completed. If you arrive with children in toe you will be turned away for service per insurance stipulations. 

*Please note we will make one time exceptions for event nails for 14-16 year old children at the discretion and with permission of the parent. Note these services will not be maintained. 

Cash only

Unfortunately at this time we are only accepting cash payments. All costs are +hst. We keep plenty of change on hand for your needs. If you are unsure of pricing send us a message for a quote! We hope to have debit set back up in the near future. 


As our facility runs on a back to back basis with appointments, we require 24hrs notice to reschedule your appointment. If you cancel with less than 24hrs notice there will be a 20$ re-booking fee on your account to be paid prior to re-booking. If you no-call no-show or cancel with less than 1hrs notice of your appointment, you will never be re-booked. 

All appointments are booked exclusively through Fresha app. 

Fur Friendly

Our facility is fur friendly and is home to our co-owner Miss Beef-Barley Appleby who is a support cat. We ask that clients with aggressive allergies refrain from booking. We encourage clients who have support animals to bring them to our safe space so they can be supported during their appointment.